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Keeping up with Sam '12

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Keeping up with Sam '12
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Sam Lacrosse
Over the past decade, lacrosse has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. Youth, high school, and college programs have almost doubled in size, and the fan base continues to increase at a rapid pace. When Sam ’12 first picked up a stick in the third grade he immediately could see what the hype was all about.

 The “high-intensity and speedy nature of the game” were the two elements of lacrosse that appealed to Sam the most. “It is the fastest game on two feet,” he contends. Watching Sam and his teammates play on Herter field, one would have a difficult time arguing otherwise.  Every player moves with such agility and speed that if you turn your back for even a moment, you might miss a goal.

Sam played for the JV team his freshman year and he considers earning a starting position on the varsity squad as a sophomore to be his biggest athletic accomplishment. “Sam was a midfielder as a freshman without much of a future at that position,” Head Coach Ned Herter remarks. “As a tenth grader he developed into a terrific long stick middie: very aggressive, agile, and had excellent stick skills.” Now in his senior year, Sam is one of the top defenders in the ISL.  “His strong physical play and competitive edge” are two of the main characteristics that set him apart from his opponents coach Herter explains.

Throughout his career, Sam has gained the respect and admiration of both his teammates and coaches; his enthusiasm and love for the game has been infectious to those around him and the feeling is mutual. Being elected captain his senior year was a tremendous honor because of how highly he regards the opinions of his teammates as well as the coaching staff. “I was extremely humbled” he comments.

Every day that Sam is given the opportunity to play on Herter field he is grateful. “It’s incredible playing for a coach who is not only a great motivator and leader, but also a Middlesex legend,” he explains. “Nothing compares to playing a sport that you love with teammates who are your best friends, and coaches that you respect."

 It has been years of hard work for Sam--and fortunately there are still more to come. Next year he will become one of the many Middlesex lacrosse players who have gone on to compete at the college level when he steps onto the field at the University of Vermont.  With two months left in the spring season however, there are still plenty of opportunities to see Sam and his teammates play.

Just don’t turn your back. You might miss them.
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